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Learn about why the Bylaws are Important!

The OA Virtual Regional is offering a workshop on why we have the rules we do and why they keep our meetings simple and productive. Don't miss it!

So, why should I attend a Bylaws workshop on a Saturday afternoon? If you are any of the following, you may want to take advantage of this:

  1. A member unhappy with something in your meeting that you have tried to address in group conscience or inventory and believe it now needs to come to your intergroup or board.

  2. If you are a member that has great ideas for your intergroup, region, or OA as a whole and want to know how things work (making motions, incorporating Robert’s Rules,when we use our traditions to guide group consciousness etc.).

  3. If you are an intergroup representative, a regional representative, or a World Service Business Conference Delegate.

  4. Consider joining the workshop if you serve on a committee, chair a committee, serve on a board, or chair a board at any level of OA service.

  5. 5.An old timer once told me when I want to go to a meeting I should walk there. When I do not want to go, I had better run to it.

On Saturday, 1pm ET, you may want to run to: Meeting ID: 889 909 0869 | Passcode: 101112

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