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Job opening: World Service Office Mgr

Please Share This Time Sensitive Announcement A Search Committee of the OA Board of Trustees Is Accepting Applications for World Service Office Managing Director

We are excited to announce the opportunity to apply for the Managing Director position at Overeaters Anonymous, Inc. Overeaters Anonymous (OA) is a recovery organization based on the Twelve Steps. While our fellowship is worldwide, our staff (based in the Albuquerque area) is small but effective and long-tenured. Our volunteer Board of Trustees is knowledgeable and active. The current Managing Director is retiring after 20+ years’ service at the company. We are looking for candidates who are strong, visionary leaders, who have skills in strategic decision-making, and who can manage effective changes at the organizational level, when needed. Please review the Job Description. This position is also posted in ZipRecruiter and LinkedIn. If interested, please email your resume, with a cover letter, to us at Sincerely, Meg M., Chair OA Board of Trustees

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